Couponing The “Smart” Way – Article 6

SMaRT Coupons builds on other well known “smart” sustainable standards and practices to maximize its robustness and reduce confusion.

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Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood
Home depot coupons and promo codes
Certified Organic Products
EPA / Pursue University Agricultural Best Management Practices
Sustainable Agriculture Federal Statutory Standard
Healthy & Humane Care of Livestock
National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture
Food Alliance
Alliance for Sustainability
Humane Society of the US
UK Sustainable Development Commission
ISO14001 Environmental Management System Publicly Disclosed Targets & Policy
ISO 14040 LCA General Principles Standard
NIST BEES Please LCA Inventory Questionnaire
Stockholm Toxic Chemical Ban Treaty
California 1350 VOC requirements
California 1350 Carcinogenic VOC requirements
California 1350 Formaldehyde Emission Limit
California PBDE Limit
Environmentally Preferable Products
California Green Cleaning Procedures
South Coast Air Quality District VOC Rule for Green Primary Installation Materials
Green-e Renewable Power F
FTC Environmental Marketing Guides
Express Warranty
FTC Recycled Content Definition
FTC Post Industrial / Preconsumer Definition
FTC Preconsumer & Postconsumer Substantiations
EPA Recycling Definition
EPA Reuse Definition
EPA Biodegradable Products Rule
EPA Closed Loop Process Rule
EPA Compostable Rule
EPA Life Cycle Design Standard
EPA Tool for the Reduction & Assessment of Chemical & Other Environmental Impacts (TRACI)
State of Minnesota Design for Environment Standard
Global Reporting Initiative Social Equity Indicators
Product Performance Durability & Extended Product Life Standards
AIA 2015 Climate Change Imperative
EMERGENCY Standard Status to Help Stop Imminent Irreversible Dangerous Climate Change
US Green Building Council LEED Rating System
Precautionary Principle
Reclamation Standard of Computer Takeback CampaignSARA Title III Toxic Release Inventory
Composite Panel Association EPP Spec
Cleaner & Greener Certification
EcoSmart Concrete & Cement Cleaner FuelsState of Minnesota Public Utilities Commission Standard for Mercury & CO2 Emissions From Power Plants

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